The Most Handsome Actors in the World 2017

Who is the Most Handsome Actor in the World 2017?

We choose the most Handsome Actors in the World 2017 according to your votes. Choose your favourite one and vote for him!

If your favourite actor is not take place in our list, we can add him according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

Contest End Date: 10 March 2018

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  • Norine L. Brand

    Travis Femmel is the handsome man in the world !!!!

  • Trina

    Travis fimmel

  • Albi Doitall


  • Carlie Savannah Sim

    Nathan Fillion

  • Myriam El Kholi

    Henry Cavill

  • Jeannie Ervin

    Travis Fimmel Hands down, no contest

  • Barbara Frolova


  • Kathy Warrick Buczkowski

    Sam Heughan!

  • Abbee Harshbarger
  • ziva harel

    Sam heughan

  • Kaaneh

    Are you people seeing the same pictures I’m seeing? Out of all of them, hands down the most handsome is Chris Hemsworth.

  • Lynda Foster-Rosas

    I don’t even know who some of these guys are.

  • Hayzed

    Travis Fimmel by a long shot!

  • Jackie Carmichael

    OK – there is a rabbit off somewhere!! I seriously suspect there is vote rigging going on. Travis Fimmel has some seriously strong following and campaigns among his fans to vote (WITHIN THE RULES!!!!!) has kept him right “up there”. Yes from being in the lead on Friday, he is now trailing by 2683 votes. This is not possible on a one vote per person per day. The people voting for the current leader MUST be making multiple votes from numerous devices or else have found a loophole. None of my friends have even heard of Sam Heughan. Come on ADMIN – look into this, please!

    • admin

      Outlander has a lot of fan pages too. Also we have IP restriction and we observe the number of organic traffic, sources and votes. Everything is quite normal now.

    • Abbi Sweet

      I’m really sorry you don’t know Sam Heughan, he is worldwide loved for all of his #OutlanderGirls #FraserGirls

    • Donna Robinson

      While I also think Travis is a fine looking man and loved him in Vikings, PLEASE check out the Starz show Outlander and you’ll quickly understand the attraction to Sam Heughan! No rigging just die-hard fans!

    • Krystal Allen

      Travis fimmel

    • Diane Blake

      Never doubt the power of the Outlander fans. We really like to vote. ? And, I will now Google to see who Travis Fimmel is. Sorry, I don’t know. But I would like to learn.

  • Лиза Плюша

    Simon Baker and Leonardo ))))

  • Abbi Sweet

    Sam Heughan for sure!!

  • Guendalina Bordignon

    Travis Fimmel – Hail King Ragnar!!!

  • Sheryl Miller
    • mkcarroll58

      So thi is what Travis looks like under the hair. His voting picture is ugly but this pic is gorgeous. Now I understand why he is doing so well. Big fan of Sam Heughan and am voting for him. never heard of Travis until these polls

  • Sheryl Miller
  • Janice leask

    Travis Fimmel by of course the best in the world ever love this man and his acting truly!!!

  • Mystery

    Christian Kane!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Billie-jo Wolfgram

    Hail to the king…Travis fimmel❤️❤️❤️

  • Iren Biny

    Maybe Travis Fimmel a good actor, but … his handsome can only be looking through dark glasses

  • whazupbro

    Sorry, but the Heuligans have well over 47K members on Facebook, plus there are multiple other Outlander groups as well as a voting group. When we fans are asked to vote, we vote. AND I’ve never heard of Travis Fimmel. I looked him up but I’ve never watched Vikings.

  • Blinggirl88

    NO RIG!!
    I vote for Travis Fimmel too!!! ❤
    Every time.

  • Ulla Olesen

    Sam Eliot

  • bengie b.brandt

    JAY RYAN #ManCrushEveryday #MyBeast

  • disqus_PXTzLZVYSU

    Check how many online voting comps Sam has won over the last couple of years, including People’s Choice. He has A LOT of fans all over the world and we are die hard voters!! Love Travis but don’t be a sore loser, it does him no justice.

  • nimue
  • nimue

    The word was sent out over the Outlander network, across THE GLOBE!! We have fans voting on the other side of the world when we go to sleep here. It isn’t rigging.

  • harley lowe
    • admin

      Chris Pratt is added. Page #4.

  • Tess

    Can you please fix Tony Denison’s picture.

  • Christine Morden

    Please find a better photograph of Aidan Turner. This one is several years old and not the best!

  • Mia

    Bob Morley

  • Kate
  • Lisa
  • Val Turner

    Tom Hardy, no contest, beautiful inside & out xxx

  • admin

    Richard Rankin is added. Page #2.

  • anca

    Travis Fimmel

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