The Most Beautiful Actresses in the World 2019



Who is the Most Beautiful Actress in the World 2019?

We choose the most Beautiful Actresses in the World 2019 according to your votes. Choose your favourite one and vote for her!

If your favourite actress is not take place in our list, we can add her according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

Who is your favorite actress? Melanie Laurent vs Marion Cotillard?

Who is your favorite actress? Kirsten Dunst vs Katherine Heigl?

Who is your favorite actress? Bergüzar Korel vs Birce Akalay?

Who is your favorite actress? Katheryn Winnick vs Emily VanCamp?

Who is your favorite actress? Cansu Dere vs Tuba Büyüküstün?

Who is your favorite actress? Rose Byrne vs Yvonne Strahovski?

Who is your favorite actress? Aslı Enver vs Serenay Sarıkaya?

Who is your favorite actress? Park Shin-hye vs Park Min-young?

Who is your favorite actress? Song Hye-kyo vs Song Ji-hyo?

Contest End Date: 20 April 2020


65 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Actresses in the World 2019

    1. remove thier make up,surely Songhyekyo beauty stands out naturally,genuinely and noticeably regardless of the votes.obviously seh’s the most beautiful among them with subtle facial features..not mean,,not squint,no freckles.

  1. I was mesmerized when I watched the korean drama, Descendants of the Sun only in July 2019 and ever since I been catching on other dramas featuring this actress. Song Hye Kyo. Not only is she beautiful, talented, strong will in her character and kind at heart. Her beauty is simply classic and elegance.
    Song hye kyo had a face that launch a thousand ships.

  2. Of couse. It’s Song Hye Kyo, she is woman very very beautiful on the world, be strong girl, be kind.. I love her so much.

      1. Demet OZDMIER is Such a naturally beautiful youg lady with or without makeup. Should DEFINITELY be on your list. As an 74 yr old American, I absolutely loved Demet in ERKENCI KUS. As an actress, she is leagues above our Hollywood crowd.

  3. ~Demet Ozdemir is the most beautiful actress because of her acting capacity,her natural acting in every roles she portrays be it in love drama story and comedy~she can make you laugh and cry~quality of acting capacity makes an actress beautiful not by physical looks~if we are just voting for physical beauty then we must vote via beauty pageant not as a beautiful actress???

  4. Song Hye Kyo is the best among those beauties. Talented and gorgeous……! Well, we’re talking most beautiful right??? I juzt wondring most of them are not beautiful at all! Please dont get me wrong, indeed we have different preferences BUT I saw a lot of beautiful faces around the globe than those who are in the list (if you dont agree, why dont you just search in Mr. Google & Youtube, you will know what am talking here). Please refrain voting out of pity, it wont help them at all! Let there be PEACE guyz ^__^. Yes, God made them beautifully but not all of them are enticing and gorgeous.

    1. Strongly agree with you.SongHyeKyo has the loveliest face with her angelic image..Her beauty embodies balance and beauty which is not evident among her competitors.Her eyes are balance,no sharp facial features,not mean -looking,flawless and speckle-free skin complexion.She’s the epitome of beauty by Webster whose definition remains the same from beginning until the end of time.Songhyekyo’s beauty is indeed incomparable.

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