The Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses 2021

The Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses 2021



Who is the Most Beautiful Chinese Actress 2021?

We choose the most Beautiful Chinese Actresses 2021 according to your votes. This list is composed of the most beautiful Chinese Actresses 2021. Choose your favourite one and vote for her!

If your favourite actress is not take place in our list, we can add her according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

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Who is the Most Beautiful Actress in the World 2021?

Who is your favorite actress? Shen Yue vs Janice Wu

Contest End Date: 10 April 2022


29 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses 2021

  1. Always like the simplicity of Li Yi Tong which is humbly beautiful. But I always starting to see that Zhang Yuxi is just gorgeous 🙂 Both actresses’ acting is commendable, enjoy watch their dramas. My votes are for them (thumbs up!)

  2. I vote for:
    Ju Jingyi
    Eleanor Lee
    Wan Peng
    Janice Wu.
    I vote for all this girls because I think they’re pretty, but even more beautiful with their smiles.

  3. I will be voting for Li Yi Tong as she is the one to watch now! She deserves better recognition and appreciation after a long time being underrated. Naturally Beautiful, talented and low profile as always. Love her xxx

  4. Vote for Dilraba, Li Qin, Li Yi Tong and Yang Mi! ? I wished that Gina Jin (Jin Chen) was in the list??? She is beautiful, tall and superb actress!

  5. Dilraba and Li Yi Tong for me are stunning woman and talented Chinese actress (acting, dancing and singing). Dilraba beautiful eyes and Li Yi Tong amazing smile are special though sometimes were underrated. But, I cannot think the same for Shen Yue, she seems for me just looking like many of average Chinese students in my university in England, especially without make up. Many voted for Shen Yue perhaps because she played mostly in idol teen drama whose has larger audience. Is she stunningly beautiful? Maybe not 🙁

  6. Dilraba is the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen (no joke) and she’s super funny, extremely cute like a bunny, best actor in China, amazing dancer, beautiful model and graceful singer.

  7. Looking into the current top 3, I see why Dilraba Dilmurat (eternal love, eternal love of dream, flame daughter, king’s woman, love designer, long ballad) and Li Yi Tong (legend of the condor heroes, bloody romance, begonia rouge, sword dynasty, royal nirvana, court lady) are one of them. They both are superb actress and stunning. A grown up men including me will definitely can find them attractive even with bare make up ?. But Shen Yue? I am struggled in any angle to see her beauty ? Or I am just too old ? as I can sense that the ones who idolise and vote for her are mainly young teens, hence the number is high.

    1. Im old enough too to like shen yue it just we had different taste when it comes to beauty your taste is just so high that you can’t see the beauty shen yue had..

  8. Li Yi Tong for me is simply beautiful and lovely. She undeniably has heartening delight personality and astonishing smile. At present, my vote’s for her only 🙂

  9. Well, Li Yi Tong is actually the hidden gem nowadays! She’s often underrated in China but she does possess an inner and outer beauty, very humble but in fact she’s the one with a naturally good versatile acting skills which I have been admired and stating this over and over overseas. It’s indeed brilliant for one who didn’t go to acting school. She def would get my vote 🙂

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