The Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

The Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020



Who is the Most Beautiful Korean Actress 2020?

We choose the most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020 according to your votes. This list is composed of the most beautiful Korean actresses. Choose your favourite one and vote for her!

If your favourite actress is not take place in our list, we can add her according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

Who is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World 2020?

Who is the Most Beautiful Actress in the World 2020?

Who is your favorite actress? Park Shin-hye vs Park Min-young?

Who is your favorite actress? Song Hye-kyo vs Song Ji-hyo?

Contest End Date: 20 February 2021


54 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

  1. For me Song Jihyo always Top 1 beautiful in South Korea.. She’s 40 but look 20 years old! She is vampire! And for the 10 years she doing physical activities every weeks but she always look beautiful and stong women! And lastly she beauty inside and outside, her kind and warm heart make everyone feel comfortable around her❤️ I always admire Song Jihyo beauty!

  2. They are all prety but song hye kyo is just on another level she just has this aura that makes you attracted to her she’s just soooo pretty?

  3. Korean actress Song Hye Kyo is always beautiful, kind and youthful, always loves the talented & admired actress.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Song Hye Kyo more stunning than other actress!!! She beat them! She is the most stunning in this world!! She should win this! She has a baby face too! I love kyo!?

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