The Most Handsome British Actors 2021

The Most Handsome British Actors 2021



Who is the Most Handsome British Actor 2021?

We choose the most Handsome British Actors 2021 according to your votes. This list is composed of the most handsome British Actors. Choose your favourite one and vote for him!

If your favourite actor is not take place in our list, we can add him according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

Who is the Most Handsome Man in the World 2020?

Who is the Most Handsome Actor in the World 2021?

Who is your favorite actor? Rufus Sewell vs Colin Firth?

Who is your favorite actor? Sam Heughan or Aidan Turner?

Who is your favorite actor? Tom Hiddleston vs Gerard Butler?

Who is your favorite actor? Colin Firth vs Sam Heughan?

Who is your favorite actor? Robert Pattinson vs Will Tudor?

Who is your favorite actor? Toby Regbo vs Tom Burke?

Who is your favorite actor? Tom Ellis vs Dan Stevens?

Contest End Date: 10 March 2022


48 thoughts on “The Most Handsome British Actors 2021

  1. Gosh I wish I could put a few of them on the first place: Henry Cavill, Tom Ellis, Jamie Dornan, and Matthew Goode ?❤️‍??❤️‍??????

  2. Voting for Matthew Goode. This is a big year for him and he needs votes. Even though Rupert Penry Jones is a great looking guy, I can’t find a site for him, where he has a large following. Matthew’s fan are loyal this should be his year.

    1. I am sorry you have not found RPJ’s fan sites, there are a couple groups just for our man and we have members from around the world, literally! Best of luck to you, TeamGoode, but all your complaints about Rupert’s lead are just sad and pathetic. Matthew Goode is better than that, and you should be too.

  3. My favorite actor from England is Finn Cole. I am a Senior in High School and I have made a list why he is the best!

    1. He has a nice smile and teeth. FYI lots of guys have bad teeth!
    2. He has nice eyebrows. I always have flawless eyebrows myself.
    3. He knows how to dress. Lots of guys in high school don’t dress well.
    4. He is the cutest of all his brothers. I am sure his brothers are jealous.
    5. He must be a secret member of the Royal Family. He is cuter than Prince Harry.
    6. He is the new bad boy on the block. I am sure he is a fast driver.
    7. He knows how to treat the ladies. Just look at him and you know this!
    8. I am sure he looks good nude. I know Jodie Harsh want’s some.
    9. Me and my girls watch his films over and over. Why would you not watch his films?
    10. He is my soul mate. I went to a psychic and she told me this. I am not ready to get married yet?

  4. Colin Morgan ist der beste, sein Aussehen ist auch super, seine Schauspielerischen Leistungen egal welche Rolle, sind phänomenal super. So viele verschiedene Charaktere die er gespielt hat bewundernswert.

  5. Matthew Goode!!!! From Leap Year, Chasing Liberty, The Crown, Downton Abbey, The Good Wife and A Discovery Of Witches when he broke through and became an International Sensation! Then I looked up his movies and even more series and his range if acting skills is phenomenal bar none!!!!

  6. Love so many on your list, but my favourite- hands down, is Ramin Karimloo. He is a wonderful West End star, and has the series Holby City under his belt, also his filmed Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables (25 anniversaries) . He is double trouble as he sing as well as he looks!!

  7. I voted Colin O’donoghue he is so gorgeous and so beautiful both inside and out. He is an amazing actor and just a lovely lovely man.

  8. Could you please add Tom Ellis to your british actor list? He is from Wales and now is filming Lucifer in USA, but he has participated in some british TV series such “EastEnders” or “Miranda”

  9. Henry Cavill – he’s tall, dark haired, chest haired, as handsome on the outside as he is on the inside & he plays Superman = pure perfection & the most handsome man!

  10. I vote for Rupert Penry-Jones for his superb leading man looks and demeanor! More importantly, he is able to mask that natural handsomeness when needed to deliver a wide range of captivating roles with depth and character wherever he is placed, displaying great versatility of talent. His works range from swoon-worthy Captain Wentworth in classic works like Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion’ and period drama ‘Black Sails’ to mystery thrillers like ‘Whitechapel’, ’39 Steps’, ‘The Drowning’; and the electrifying action thriller series, ‘Spooks’ (UK)/’MI-5′ (USA). He was a sleek legal knockout in ‘Silks’, a riverting Mr Quinlain in ‘The Strain’ by Guillèrmo del Toro, and many empathic contemporary dramas that touch the heart deeply. I can’t wait to see him in the soon-to-be-released ‘The Batman’! Some actors are just great looking guys. Rupert Penry-Jones comes with heaps of acting abilities within that fabulous exterior. He is a dream to watch both on TV and the big screen (sometimes he’s on stage too). I encourage all who’s reading my comments to seek out his works – you will be richly rewarded!

  11. Voting for Rupert penry Jones because he is very talented, gorgeous and very British. He won the 2020 most handsome actor and voting for him to win again this year. ?

  12. Hello.
    Can you please add the handsome Stuart Martin to the list? He’s currently starring in Miss Scarlet and The Duke series and the film, Army of The Dead: The Prequel. Stuart Martin recently starred in Jamestown, Medici, Crossing Lines, and Babylon.
    Thank you!

  13. Could you please add George Blagden to your British actors list. He played Athelstan in Vikings and King Louis X1V in Versailles

  14. Can I please ask that you include George Blagden in the list of Most Handsome British Actors 2021, he has been in many tv series i/films including Vikings, Versailles Les Misérables and theatre works,thanks .

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