18 thoughts on “The Most Handsome Canadian Actors 2018

  1. Please add Aaron Ashmore. He is the twin of Shawn Ashmore. They are both actors. He is starring in Killjoys right now. He has done other shows and movies.

  2. You are missing two actors. One is Ryan Reynolds and the other is Francois Arnaud. Ryan and Francois are both Canadian actors. I think you know Ryan. Francois is in Midnight Texas which has been renewed for season 2. Also he was in The Borgias. He has done movies too. I hope you will add them to the list of The Most Handsome Canadian Actors 2018. Thank you.

  3. I guess I am a pest…:) Please add Francois Arnaud. He is Canadian, and he is starring in “Midnight Texas”. He was also starring in “The Borgias”. He was also in season 1 of “Blindspot”.

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