The Most Handsome Chinese Actors 2020

The Most Handsome Chinese Actors 2020



Who is the Most Handsome Chinese Actor 2020?

We choose the most Handsome Chinese Actors 2020 according to your votes. This list is composed of the most handsome Chinese Actors 2020. Choose your favourite one and vote for him!

If your favourite actor is not take place in our list, we can add him according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

Who is the Most Handsome Man in the World 2020?

Who is the Most Handsome Actor in the World 2020?

Who is your favorite actor? Dylan Wang vs Darren Chen?

Who is your favorite actor? Wang Yibo vs Xiao Zhan?

Contest End Date: 10 April 2021


559 thoughts on “The Most Handsome Chinese Actors 2020

    1. I vote for Tao panda
      I am your big fan from PAKISTAN
      I am following you from last 3 years please reply I always mesage you on instagram please replyy I just want one reply from you please reply i really love and like you you are best person ????????????????please can anybody tell this to HUANG ZITAO i am his big fan

  1. I vote for Xiao Zhan who is the most handsome actor in China.
    Xiao Zhan is so good with his acting, The Untamed series has helped to lodge his career and established his fans base. But what bought to my attention is not his acting but the unjust in the cyber bullying that he received from the antics. During the pandemic he had put on a double masks went to the studio and took part in the recording for charity song.
    He has been actively involved in charity and helped the community in needs. He is an incredible handsome man who has a beautiful soul.

  2. I vote for:1-xiao zhan,he is handsome,talented,smart,gorgeous,artistic,generous,kind and soft hearted,his beauty and smile is charming ,he has a sweet voice,intelligent and has a pure heart of helping others in need even when he had been attacked by haters or should I call it enemies of progress and discriminated he still has a free and clean mind and soul. 2.Lu han,he is handsome,cute,humble and gentle and he also has a humble,gentle and a sweet voice,his smile is charming,he is a talented,intelligent person and kind too.3.Wang yibo, he isa hardworking person,cute,handsome,talented motorcycle racer,skateboarder, also kind that he teach sean xiao how to ride a bike.All of them are my best,talented,smart,intelligent,cute,artistic,handsome actors,singers and dancers


  4. Steven Zhang is mine all time favourite actor. I have watched every drama and my all time fav was State into love. That’s why I vote for him .?

  5. I vote for Yang Yang. He is a kind and polite boy and also warm boy. When I was at the bottom, his smile accompanies me. I love his smile the most. A warm smile can give me hope in life.

  6. I vote for Xiao Zhao for his most handsome face, sweetest smile and excellent acting skills with very interesting soul. He is the most attractive Chinese actor in his all-round performances of acting, dancing, and singing. Xiao Zhan is also a very kind and humble man. He has been very generous to contribute his money, volunteer his time to help the poor people and support the front-line medical staff in the fight against the epidemic.

  7. I voted Zhang binbin (Vin Zhang). Because he has many capabilities, both acting and singing. And he is serious at work and always cares about people who are nasty.

  8. I vote for my one and only XIAO ZHAN. No more explanation but He is the most handsome Chinese actor. Everybody loves him. He is a super talented, good man, good looking face, sweet smile and Good singer, good actor. He is so lovable and kind person. lovelovelove #XiaoZhan.

  9. Vote for Sean Xiao very gorgeous, handsome, artistic, generous,high EQ, humble & talented
    Had been attacked for more than six months, yet he was so CLEAN haters can descriminate him & became China most popular TOP 1 SUPERSTAR..????♥️♥️♥️

  10. The most talented c-pop star❤️Huang zi tao❤️Baby panda
    My vote is always fr z tao❤️
    He deserved the miles vote for his
    Vote for him❤️❤️

    1. Eu voto em Xiao Zhan Maravilha chinesa contemporâneaé um artista versátil que brilha em qualquer personagem que interpreta.

  11. I vote for WANG YIBO ??? Wang Yibo is a very talented! He is a versatile artist: great singer, super spectacular dancer, brilliant actor, excellent TV presenter, cool motorcycle racer, impressive skateboarder, incredible card magician.
    He has achieved much by his hard work. Wang Yibo is a really amazing and awesome person!
    And of course a very beautiful person externally and internally!

  12. All are good what they have but I will choose for Ztao because he is lovable,caring,helpful,talented,hard working person that I have heard. I know I don’t know more things about him but I feel that he is one of the true star with trustworthy. He respect elder people and love younger people with his desirable heart. So lots of love n hope for the best. Always be your side and forever in your heart ????? even we are far away from each other no worry I will be always in your heart to support you in every path of your life. Fighting ???

  13. I vote for Z.tao ??
    He is ambitious, hard working, sweet caring and kind and has worked extremely hard to get where is he…He is talented has a great voice and an exceptional actor…straight forward and biased ❤❤❤..Z.tao always and forever

  14. My vote goes to the most precious soul Xiao Zhan ❤❤ He is the best thing happened to me in this quarantine. I never idolized any celebrity before….never felt too attached towards a celeb. But Xiao zhan, you shook my whole world. I am thankful for your existence. I am blessed to know you.
    You are undoubtedly the most handsome guy on earth. ❤❤

    1. Huang Zitao Panda. He is handsome inside and outside. He’s very genuine and he prefers to be hated because he’s real rather than to be loved of who he’s not. Tao never fakes anything. He’s one of the few bravest and strongest people I knew. Tao put his words into action. He only don’t utter them nor mumble it.

  15. I vote for TAO❤️❤️ ❤️ He truly deserves to be the most handsome chinese actor… He can be the role model for millions of people. He is the best actor, singer, producer, lyrics writer and he is all rounder.. Though I cannot understand Chinese language but automatically I get attracted towards him and his amazing songs and acting skills?? ???

  16. I only vote for Xiao Zhan ( Sean Xiao) from China, He is nice, kind actor and Singer .
    In 2019, Xiao starred in the xianxia drama The Untamed
    He played the protagonist Zhang Xiaofan in the film Jade Dynasty,
    Xiao Zhan released his digital single “Light” which went on to become the second highest selling digital single of all time with over 39.7 Million copies sold.For this song, he entered the Guinness World Records for the fastest-selling digital track in China

  17. I vote for Xiao Zhan! ( Frome China) He is super kind, intelligent and very versatile actor. He possess so many talents, he sing, dance, and act. Many fans love him any where in the world.

    1. I voted for zi tao, I like the way he is and he’s amazing singer, even I didn’t understands Chinese I can feel his songs❤

    1. My vote for Huang Zi Tao . He deserves the best handsome actor as well as best singer also. I like the way he talks and his cute and handsome face . Lots of love from Nepal??

  18. I chose huang zi tao because I like him, he is good at singing rap and I like hes style hes so bossy????and i like that❣️i like the way hes was! i love u ??

    1. Xiao Zhan ?
      Humble and kind. Wish him all the best and wishing also for all his drama will be air soon so that all his hard work will be paid off.

    1. Huang zi tao is so attitude but soft hearted and cute handsome and also i like her zi tao is my love my crush and i like her verry so much thats why i vote baby panda? all pictures of huang zitao i saw i save ilove tao ever my army forever ?

  19. Xiao Zhan was made to appreciate because from the inside out to every beautiful, handsome, gorgeous drop of him he just radiates and glows like a fine work of art. His smile illuminates any room or any crowd drawing all eyes to him like a beacon. He radiates peace snd assurance even amingst the biggest storm. His inner light shines like a lighthouse and yet he himself constantly reminds others he’s just Xiao Zhan. I love the thought Xiao Zhan puts into everything, how he always is so willing snd eager to learn, how is us so appreciative of mr tors and gives respect yo those seniors with wisdom to share. I love how he pays attention to everything to help ensure the whole production is a success snd offers to help snd takes time to help someone else if he sees they need a hand to ensure they all succeed together. I love how despite being cute and adorable with a childlike sense of joy and fun, he still has a maturity and sense of responsibility and is always thinking of the common good in a very holistic way. Looking at what can help others, paying attention to the needs of others around him and inobtrusively trying to do what he can do to help. He really is in so many ways both a treasure and a work of art.

  20. I vote for Xiao Zhan, absolutely handsome. In addition, he has excellent personal qualities of love, kindness, strength and courage. Till now he has went through almost 6 mths of internet voilence, wrongful attacks and accuses. However, he shows a good example of how to deal with pain and sufferings. He is described as “the world kissess him with pain but returning with songs”. He uses his influences to lead his fans to raise more then 62 millions in one year to help the poors and in different kinds of charities.

      1. I vote for tao❤
        He is my idol?Tao you are a diamond and will always be a treasure that I want to keep forever❤
        Lots of love from Nepal??

  21. I vote for Xiao Zhan- charming and attracting- China’s best looking actor since last century. Beauty comes from both outside and inside.

  22. The most handsome Chinese actor is the one and only Xiao Zhan. I never thought a Chinese guy could be so amazingly good-looking. And I am not even mentioning the other excellent qualities (talents, personality, etc) Zhan possesses.

    1. My vote for Huang Zi Tao . He deserves the best handsome actor as well as best singer also. I like the way he talks and his cute and handsome face . Lots of love from Nepal??

  23. Many people vote for Xiao Zhan! So I will vote for “WANG YIBO!!!” He is Amazing Person!!! Love From Indonesia! (We Love Both of Them) ?❤?

    1. I vote for Huang ztao because he is so pretty handsome and I love the way he is hardworking and kind-hearted . Although I don’t understand Chinese I feel the songs of him .lots of love from Nepal ??

  24. Many people vote for Xiao Zhan!
    So I will vote for “WANG YIBO!!!” He is Amazing Person!!! Love From Indonesia!
    (We Love Both of Them) ?❤?

    1. I vote for xaio Zhan and Wang yibo .l love bothe of then but I love xaio Zhan very very very very very very much .I mean it.from Bangladesh

    1. My vote goes to Xiao Zhan and him alone,He’s the most charming, humble,down to earth,extremely handsome actor I know in China.Because of him I got to be a fangirl for the first time in my life.XZ deserves nothing but love,his sweet smile warms my heart,he’s my inspiration and he is one multi-talented guy.I love his acting prowess super talented.He’s the most handsome actor in the whole universe.Love you Sean Xiao Zhan.(International fan)

    1. I vote for Huang zitao. He is the most handsome actor in the world. There is no other actor in China who can beat his level of acting. He is the best actor, singer, lyrics writer, producer… He is all-rounder ❤️???

  25. My Vote for Xiao Zhan (From China). He is kind & handsome ❤️❤️❤️. His acting touch my heart & he is hard worker.

  26. Xiao Zhan is the most talented, unique, interesting, adorable, bright, gorgeous, kind hearted, strong, professional, resilient, persevering, emotive, fun and memorable actor, singer and entertainer!♥️

    1. I vote for Xiao Zhan. His acting skill is very good .He is a talented person .He is a very humble and cheerful person and he smiles like a bright sun .That smile can cheer me up when I’m sad .

  27. I vote for Sean Xiao Zhan. A real, kind hearted gentleman with compassion and love for his own country China. I hope his own countrymen would appreciate him more for his talents and good personality.

  28. Xiao Zhan continues to stay positive and kind no matter what life throws at him. He is handsome both inside and out! Adorable man!

  29. Hermosos mis bebes Xiao Zhan y Wang Yi Bo, no puedo decidir por un de ellos. Pero tendré que hacerlo<3
    Voto por Xiao Zhan, lo siento Yi Bo, los dos deberían ser dominados a los mejores actores de China y el mundo

  30. Hayyyy no sé por quién votar, Xiao Zhan o Wang Yi Bo, me cuesta decidir los dos son unas hermosuras, pero voto por Wang Yi Bo <3

  31. Xiao Zhan is the most Handsome Man in the world ❤❤❤
    everyday handsome man.
    I love you yesterday, today , tomorrow and forever not enough

  32. Wang yibo y xiao zhan para mi son los dos mejores en este momento si tengo que elegir uno… Me duele el alma … ?????? elijo a wang yibo … Pero se parte mi corazón ????????????

    1. I vote xiao zhan porque es el mejor talento del mundo!!! Actor cantante y muy buen diseñador y persona es maravilloso!!!!
      Voto xiao zhan (sean xiao) de China debido a su inteligen

    1. For me Xiao Zhan is one of the best actors and for sure the most hansome actor or man in the whole world ?
      Not just with his looks he is a beautiful person side with great vocals and his acting is another level .
      Lot’s of love from ??????

  33. Xiao zhan siempre con el apoyo de tus fanz te apoyaremos
    Xiao Zhan el actor y cantante mas guapos 2020 Eres una persona que admiro mucho .


    1. Obviously xiaozhan most good looking person and kindest actor in the world .
      I love you zhanzhan ,,you are always best to me….keep shining ❣️??♥️

    1. Obviously Xiao Zhan! He is the most handsome man in Chinese industry! No one can be this much handsome,breath taking and beautiful at the same time! So yes
      One and only Xiao Zhan

  35. After watching love better than immortality and the untamed. I become so addicted to chinese movies. So for me the most handsome male actor is always 1. Xiao zhan?
    2. Li hongyi
    3. wang yibo

  36. Xiao Zhan without doubt is the best of all. I hope he comes back stronger and better. May he gain enough strength and peace to sail through this rough waves of life. You gonna rock for sure Xiao Zhan. Waiting to see u at the movies.

    1. You are the best xiao zhan bab …..
      Take care always…I always pray to God for your good health dear.Please stay safe dear…love you





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