The Most Handsome Korean Actors 2021

The Most Handsome Korean Actors 2021



Who is the Most Handsome Korean Actor 2021?

We choose the most Handsome Korean Actors 2021 according to your votes. This list is composed of the most handsome Korean Actors. Choose your favourite one and vote for him!

If your favourite actor is not take place in our list, we can add him according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

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Who is the Most Handsome Actor in the World 2021?

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Who is your favorite actor? Lee Min-ho vs Kim Hyun-joong?

Contest End Date: 20 February 2022


66 thoughts on “The Most Handsome Korean Actors 2021

  1. All are handsome Actors. Most Korean actors are handsome. But I don’t know I really like Lee Joon Gi. He has different type of handsomness. His charming beauty, sweet, also manly at the same time, his small parts of his facial is very good in shape. Phoenix eyes, Sharp nose, Cherry lips, Sharp jawline, makes him looks like masterpiece sculpture of God?? I think he represents a perfect oriental handsome man.

  2. Lee Joon Gi the handsomest of all, an actor, singer, dancer, action star and to name a few… Lee Joon Gi complete package.. that’s why i adore him so much eventhough i’m of mature age already???

  3. I give my heart permission to vote ….. I give my vote to Mr. Lee Joon Gi and I will always do that … Best regards from Sara Rosa ??? ? ♥ ️????? ♥ ️????from ? ♥ ️?????????? ♥ ️?Denmark. ….. By …….. København ? ♥ ️???????? ♥ ️?

  4. I will always put my vote on Mr Lee Joon Gi with all my heart?? ♥ ️???? ♥ ️?? ….. ??? ♥ ️???? ♥ ️?Lee Joon Gi

  5. I voting for Lee Joon Gi for The Most Handsome Korean Actors 2021
    My choice fell on this incredibly talented, charismatic actor, singer,model and dancer from Soth Korea, thanks to the qualites he possesses. No matter what role he plays, Joon Gi easily incarnates in the character of his hero. This is due to his perfectionism, emotianal intelligence which he develops with extreme sensitivity to other people’s emotions. The magic whit Joon Gi wich fascinates every viewe is indescribable, thanks to it’s fluidity,talent,the combinacion of courage and emotional vulnerability, there is something magical and irresistible.
    Lee Goon Gi has a predisposition for a great victory, because he is our KING.


  6. Kim Hyun Joong is best actor.. talented prove his dramas , boys over flower, playful kiss, new movie Indian pink…I like him most❤️..
    I like his idol type..he is very handsome
    Kim Hyun Joong best for win..
    영우너히 Kim Hyun Joong..

  7. Kim Hyun Joong is a best actor and singer..he is very handsome..I ❤️ him most…since I watch boys over flower k drama….kin Hyun Joong is best..❤️❤️

  8. Lee join go, any time ,any day. He is the best in all ramifications. He’s got it all . Talent,looks, charisma, to name but a few. He is the full option ❣️???❤️

    1. my vote is for Kim Hyun Joong because he is an integral artist .. he is complete .. God bless him .. everything he does seems cute to me .. I love to see and repeat his boys before flowers and play full kiss dramas ..

  9. Lee Joon Gi for me is the most handsome. He is very honest with himself. Very outspoken when it comes to the life he lives and that makes him beautiful inside and out.

  10. Best of the best Korean actor is Lee Joon Gi, whole package. Look at his eyes, nose, lips everything was gifted especially his acting talent, no one can like him being multi-talented, versatile and no gf, joke! Hahaha! Never been touched at all but had passed gf, hopefully you will meet your someone to be with you. And all your expectations God will bless you in due time. Don’t forget I’m your soulmate…it’s joke time baby dear!

    1. Lee joon gi is the best….He is so damn handsome…Very talented,charismatic… many handsome men but lee joon gi is the besttttttt….lee joon gi always and forever..?

  11. Kang ji Hwan has everything to be the number one tall, talented and besides of being naturally very handsome he has something special charisma. KANG JI HWAN deserve to win.

  12. 1. Mark Chao
    2. Lee Joon Gi
    These two are my top favorite. I love all of them but it was these two who got me hooked on all the movies & TV dramas.. ???⭐⭐??✨✨⚡✨??⚡✨?⭐

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