The Most Handsome Actors in the World 2018



Who is the Most Handsome Actor in the World 2018?

We choose the most Handsome Actors in the World 2018 according to your votes. Choose your favourite one and vote for him!

If your favourite actor is not take place in our list, we can add him according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

Who is your favorite actor? César Domboy vs Stanley Weber?

Who is your favorite actor? Max Riemelt vs Matthias Schweighöfer?

Who is your favorite actor? François Arnaud vs Ryan Gosling?

Who is your favorite actor? Burak Özçivit vs Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ?

Who is your favorite actor? David Berry vs Simon Baker?

Who is your favorite actor? Lee Min-ho vs Kim Hyun-joong?

Who is your favorite actor? Buğra Gülsoy vs Engin Altan Düzyatan?

Who is your favorite actor? Jason Momoa vs Jim Caviezel?

Who is your favorite actor? Jensen Ackles vs Jared Padalecki?

Contest End Date: 10 March 2019


394 thoughts on “The Most Handsome Actors in the World 2018

  1. I vote Kim Taehyung as the most handsome because he is naturally (no plastic surgery), exceptionally good looking and well proportioned with the right height. He looks just as handsome without makeup and has good skin. He has a beautiful heart too.

  2. #KimTaehyung ???
    #뷔 is most Handsome in the world?
    #V is MultiTalented?
    #BTSV is great Dancer?
    #KimTaehyung is an Angel?
    #태형 is God of Expressions?
    #김태형 is a God of vocals?
    #태태 is a Great Actor?
    #金泰亨 have the deepest nd richest voice?

  3. Viděla jsem ocenění Tureckých herců v Istambulu ,byla jich tam spousta ale nikdo se Alakurtovi nevyrovná ne jen v Turecku ale na celém světě.Bůh mu dal všechno ,krásu,charakter.charisma,výšku,prostě všechno.A proto Boran je nejhezčí herec na světě.

  4. Kim Taehyung is the Most Handsome Man on Earth.
    He is a true art and true artist.
    He has a unique and beautiful voice.
    He is a awsome vocalist, his voice is so captivating that one gets addicted to it.
    He is a good dance.
    He has a unique behaviour too.
    And He is hell lot Handsome.

  5. Mehmet Akif Alakurt má obrovské charizma,překrásné oči,když se na něho díváte,nejde odejít,přitáhne vás jak magnet.Jeto velká osobnost.Zůstane vám v hlavě a začínáte o něm přemýšlet.Vyzařuje z něho obrovská síla.Je nejkrásnější herec této planety.

  6. Well, I’m sorry but some of these men are not at all handsome (by any stretch of the imagination) so how have they made this list? No doubt they have other wonderful qualities but handsome they are not!

  7. Si mehmet akif es el mas lindo del mundo. Yo soy la princesa latinoamericana ? mi voto es para Caglar Ertuglur. Mas rico que el pan. ?

  8. Please, could you put Matthew Daddario and Dominic Sheerwood on The Most Handsome Actors in the World 2018. Matthew Daddario plays Alec on ShadowHunters and Dominic Sheerwood plays Jace on ShadowHunterrs. The Best Polls already has Will Tudor wh plays Sebastian and Harry Shum Jr. who plays Mangus on ShadowHunters. Thank You

    1. Mehmet Akif Alakurt je nejkrásnější,herec,manekýn nikdo se mu nevyrovná na célé planetě.Byl vyhlášen nejhezčím mužem na světě,2001,2002 na druhým místě.Boranovy v Turecku nikdo nemůže konkurovat,jeho krásou,vzhledem,postavou,charizma,Boran je světová hvězda.

  9. Guys if you havent seen the post of topbeautyworld on twitter pls if you have time visit their page because we need to nominate taehyung for the MOST HANDSOME MEN 2018 jin and jungkook was already nominate but kim taehyung is not yet nominated we need your help he deserves to be there if you want him to be in the list. just visit that page and it will explain there on how to nominate. Thank you?

  10. As much as I love all of the other actors up there (yes I know them all) I have to say kim taehyung, v, because I’d his talent when acting. The passion and ease he has whilst doing so.

  11. I don’t like the picture of Kivanc Tatlitug it does not do him justice. Vote for Kivanc Tatlitug. Please!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Please add Dan Stevens to the Most Handsome Actors in the World 2018. He is an actor who is starring in Legion. The show has been renewed tor season 3. Also, he has acted in movies like Beauty and the Beast last year. Apostle this year and many more.

  13. Dan Stevens is the only actor not in the Most Handsome Actors of the World. He is very handsome and an actor. Why is he not listed? Please add him.

  14. Please add Dan Stevens. He is an actor. He is starring in Legion right now. He has also done many movies. Please add him.

  15. I keep leaving replies, but they don’t seem to appear. I would like Dan Stevens to be in the List of Most Handsome Actors in the world 2018. He is an actor. He is starring in Legion right now. He also did a lot of movies like Beauty and the Beast, Apostle, The Guest, and so many more. He also starred in Downton Abbey. Please add him to the list of Most Handsome Actors. Please!

  16. Please add Dan Stevens. He is an actor. He is starring in Legion right now. He has also done many movies like Beauty and the Beast, Apostle, The Guest. He was also in Downton Abbey. He is a great actor. Please add him.

  17. Please add Dan Stevens. He is acting in Legion right now. He has done movies like Beauty and the Beast, The Guest, Apostle, and many more. He has also acted in Downton Abbey. Please add him.

  18. Please add Dan Stevens. He is very handsome and is an actor. He has starred in Beauty and the Beast, The Guest, Criminal Activities. He is also starring in Legion. Please, please add him.

  19. Dan Stevens should be in this list. He is very handsome. He was in The Guest, Beauty and the Beast, Criminal Activities, etc. He is now acting in Legion. Please add him.

      1. Thank you for adding BTS V actor name Kim Taehyung. We love him so much and he is really a very good actor! Please watch Hwarang.

  20. *Really*, now…what kind of list is this without everyone’s favorite Irishman, Colin Farrell? He’s handsome (and getting better with age, in my not so humble opinion), funny, charming, and, while clean and sober (a very good thing, mind you), still has that naughty little twinkle in his eye, oh, yes… (No doubt they’ll be carving “Breakfast, lunch, and f*ckin’ dinner” on the poor fella’s tombstone many years from now… 😉

  21. Çagatay Ulusoy!!! Nos conocimos con Emir… nos enamoramos de Yaman.. nos volvimos locos con Barish… . adrenalina pura con Saaaaarp …. esperamos ansiosas a #TheProtector Versatil, varonil, hermoso, profesionalisimo ademas de talentoso… u a maravilla de la naturaleza!!!

  22. Sam Heughan…because his heart and soul are as beautiful as the rest of him…superb talent, beautiful man inside and out

    1. Diana said it and I totally agree and always have. Sam Heughan isn’t just a pretty face with the best man body ever but his heart shows through all he is and all he does and that counts more than a pile of muscle. Also he is an incredible talent though i realize this contest is only looks. so in that department, If there is a hotter man alive, well after living for 73 years, truly I have never seen one.

  23. I see you never added Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things to this poll. Could you please do that? Nicholas Galitzine should also really be in this one. Thank you!!!

  24. Could you please add Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things? He’s gorgeous and so talented!!! I would be voting for him if he was on here.

  25. Please add on the list tutkys actors Kivanc Tatlitug, Kenan imirzalioglo and Murat Yildirim , they deserve to be on the list !

  26. Please add CHARLIE COX! The list would not be complete without him. He IS the most handsome actor of 2018, and every other year!

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