The Most Handsome British Actors 2018



Who is the Most Handsome British Actor 2018?

We choose the most Handsome British Actors 2018 according to your votes. Choose your favourite one and vote for him!

If your favourite actor is not take place in our list, we can add him according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

Who is your favorite actor? Sam Heughan or Aidan Turner?

Who is your favorite actor? Tom Hiddleston vs Gerard Butler?

Who is your favorite actor? Colin Firth vs Sam Heughan?

Who is your favorite actor? Robert Pattinson vs Will Tudor?

Who is your favorite actor? Toby Regbo vs Tom Burke?

Who is your favorite actor? Tom Ellis vs Dan Stevens?

Contest End Date: 28 February 2019


250 thoughts on “The Most Handsome British Actors 2018

  1. WHERE IS THE SAME POLL FOR 2019 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? YOU’RE WASTING VOTING DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! START WITH GERARD BUTLER QUICKLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Richard Armitage is a talented actor in film and on the stage! In addition, his deep and soothing voice has brought to life many books including David Copperfield, Romeo and Juliet and many others! Go RA!

  3. Many great gentlemen here but Richard Armitage is just the best :-D. Not only great looking but sooo talented as well.

    Have you seen him in “Ocean’s 8” or “Berlin Station” recently? He looks stunnig.

    And that VOICE…..*_*

  4. Please add George Blagden. He is a British actor. He is starring in Versailles and also starred in Vikings as Athelstan. Please add him. He is a good actor, and he is very handsome too.

  5. I believe Rupert Penry Jones is what dreams are made of. He was known as the handsomest man in all Britain in the newspapers. He was in Spooks (MI5), Silk, The Strain, Persuasion, Lucky Man, The Ring, Crown for Christmas, White Chapel and so many more. His audio books are bloody brilliant! Great, great actor!

    1. Lucky for you for watchng all those films you mentioned, but not even one of those I got a chance to watch all bcoz we have a different world. I GO WITH TOBY REGBO as the most handsome British actor 2018.

    1. Toby had my heart until I saw Poldark. Aiden Turner is “HELLA FINE” so I had to reluctantly change my vote for him. He is all kinds of GOODNESS ?❤️

  6. how come another person is at number 1 and its not Toby Regbo…He is the one…so i hope all of your here will have a change of heart vote Toby instead of another.

  7. Toby Regbo is such an actor. He has a great personality, so grounded. I really like him as an actor especially in his role as King Francis II in the CW TV series REIGN. I love Toby!

  8. Actually,I like a lot of British actors,like Benedict Cumberbatch,James McAvoy,Martin Freeman……but in my mind,Tom Hiddleston was the most handsome actor!❤❤❤


  9. 我是一位来自中国的汤姆 希德勒斯顿的粉丝,喜欢他的演绎的角色和他本人的性格,希望他会有更多的好作品出现在全世界,这样我们也可以在银幕上欣赏到不同性格的他,祝汤姆开开心心过每一天,宠爱粉丝的心永不停歇。喜欢您的Jenny

  10. James McAvoy is the BEST!!!I love him forever!???

  11. Пожалуйста, включите в перечень артистов Ричарда Меттона и Иена Глена

  12. Добавьте, пожалуйста, Сэма Хьюэна. Он великолепный актер и очень красив к тому же. В тех фильмах, что я видела, от него глаз не оторвать.

  13. Please add Joe Anderson – met him a couple of weeks ago, man is far more handsome in person than any publicity pic I’ve seen yet, and he is truly sweet too, so should be listed.
    Many thanks.

  14. Everyone has theyir charm but none have it like Henry Cavill….he is beautiful inside out….love the man with a passion i can not describe since I was a teenager

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