The Most Handsome Korean Actors 2019



Who is the Most Handsome Korean Actor 2019?

We choose the most Handsome Korean Actors 2019 according to your votes. This list is composed of the most handsome Korean Actors. Choose your favourite one and vote for him!

If your favourite actor is not take place in our list, we can add him according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

Who is your favorite actor? Lee Min-ho vs Kim Hyun-joong?

Contest End Date: 20 February 2020


147 thoughts on “The Most Handsome Korean Actors 2019

  1. Nam Joo-hyuk is the most handsome (from weightlifting fairy kim bok-joo) but he is not there so I will say Cha Eun-woo

    1. Kim Hyun Joong for the win!!!!
      He’s the man of everything.
      He can sing, dance, perform, he’s an athlete too, and he does very well in acting.

    1. I vote for Kim Hyun Joong he is so talented, he sing, dance, act, play musical instruments, dong writing… Dog lover.. Very passionate to his craft and to his fans globally…

  2. I didn’t know about this poll before but definitely my vote goes to Kim taehyung aka V. Even though, he is singer or he had least side role but he proved that he could be the successful actor if he gets a chance in future ?

  3. I think appearance doesn’t really matter the fact is their acting skills makes them good actors and that’s what the viewers expect them to be?❤️Also, there is something called “opinion” so each people would like a different actor, you guys don’t need to you know disrespect their opinions and forced them to like your idol. There’s nothing called “the most handsome actor” due to the fact that each people have their own ranking.?Like for me, I don’t think Kim Tae-Hyung should rank 1st even though some of you guys think he is handsome, instead, I like Gong Yoo more and I really think his acting skill is amazing and he’s very handsome too.?

    1. Kim Hyun Joong is not only handsome on his outer looks but also the way he stood and fought in the middle of storms in his life. His smile is enticing as well as if telling you everything will be okay. Aja, Kim Hyun Joong!

  4. I voted for kim taehyung though he’s just a newbie in the acting industry, he did very well in hwarang..i was hoping to see him (drama) again. And ohhh his visual, o jezzz is he even real? I mean he looks like an anime (for me) a living anime…

    Btw all of them are so good looking tho..

  5. KHJ is my favorite. There can b so many upcoming young handsome actors. But the 1st generatiom kpop idol khj…his funny attitude in SS501 is unbeatable. He is not only handsome..funny..cuteness iverloaded..khj. his laugh is good. Almost all actors listed here gud looks but question is who has real talent..khj not only has looks.. he is talented in music..perfect albums.. sings well..writes well..drew picture.. good hearted. So i prefer khj. Not only that..after u fell down in middle in career not many have talent to shine. These listed actors once looks go..they will also go…but khj still stands gentle..came back with strong heart to make us happy. So i want him to be appreciated for his talent and courage to stand again. So that v can c the khj like kiss kiss album…he wil come up with many music upon our support. He had talent and v need to bring it out by mitivating khj. Fighting!

  6. Ji Chang Wok, has it all, talented, very good looking, and a great charisma, whom ever he gives his heart is going to be very lucky woman!

    1. Ji Chang Wook, Lee Joon Gi, Park Seo Joon, So Ji Sub, Seo Kang Joon, Cha Eun Woo, Lee Dong Wook, Taecyeon, Song Joong Ki, and Gong Yoo are my top 10. I’d add 5 more to make it my top 15! ? I can’t pick just one! And why isn’t Lee Soo Hyuk on this list??

    1. Taehyung is a breath of fresh air in the movie industry. His first acting in Hwarang is not bad at all. He did not get any negative reviews as far as I have read. If given time and opportunities to act in drama or movie, Taehyung will shine like the sun. He has good voice, good work etiquette and learns the ropes of acting fast for a beginner. Taehyung has a lot of potential to do great! Taehyung Hwaiting! ?

  7. Many Kpop fans are young.So they like the same age Idol .But the real most handsome manly, most good looking, smartest Korean actor is Kim Hyun Joong. He can do smartly everything what he want to do. Still he is succeeding not only as an actor but also a singer. Now He have the real henecia fans from around the world.He become more and more handsome than before.Many Korean Kpop fans are real not love and precious their Idol’s art talents.They’re only know How he’s handsome,How he’s Beautiful. But they can hate easily even they became a fan along time when their Idol have hard times because they’re more fake fans than real fans.

    1. I vote for Kim Taehyung because he is the most handsome in my eyes and some. He is flawlessly made by god… Also im 55 years young thank you…

    2. there is nothing like “the real most handsome”. opinions exist, i don’t have to find the same man handsome as you. you are generalizing a bunch of people calling them “too young” or “not loving their idol’s talents”. excuse me? how do you know that? can you read people’s minds? this is such an ignorant comment… just support the one who you love instead of talking like this about people you don’t know…

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